How do you determine the right tire pressure?

G Atsma

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If you're talking about at the track, do a few laps and measure temps across the tread. If warmer near the sides and cooler towards the middle, you're under inflated. And vice-versa.
On track, you'll need to run a session and immediately use a pyrometer when you get off track to measure temperature gradient across the tire at the inner, center, outer. There are excel spreadsheets online that will help you break down and digest these numbers, but for setting camber you want to see a hotter inside edge vs outside edge (this delta varies depending on tire compound, vehicle, and goals but I typically use a 17*F delta)... on a skidpad you'll want to see even heat on the inside vs. outside but on track with a perfect alignment, the inside will do more work since it's also involved in braking. For tire pressure, you use all 3 numbers, and you want to see an even step across your 3 points of measurement. High temp in the center=pressure too high, low temp in the center=pressure too low.

Cheapest pyrometer setup is one of these with a typeK adapter used in your multimeter.