Jareth’s [Extended\Full-Cage\Double Door Bars] - [2010 LS Donor] - [Frame #290]


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Colorblind, So am I so I rely on my wife a lot especially when it comes to wiring :)
Same here. She even got annoyed when I was looking for a “light blue” wire in the main harness bundle and there were 2 or 3 that it could have been. :(

I'm red/green colorblind, but over the years I think it has gotten worse.

Ark :D

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Would you have any pictures of the underside mounting of the Wang you got?

And was it this one?
No, I got this one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/57-Type-1-3D-Real-Carbon-Fiber-Adjustable-Rear-Trunk-GT-Spoiler-Wing-Universal/332008063278

The mounting points are shown as 28" apart, which is close, but a little wider than the DF mounting points. So, I went to the hardware store and bought some hardware to get it mounted up. It's REALLY solid. Here's some pics (all three are from the driver's side, at different angles):

20210319_125110.jpg 20210319_125119.jpg 20210319_125127.jpg


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Not really. Since there is a curve that changes it's rate of curve, if you did move it forward, there would be a gap in the middle. Besides you would have extra holes, but I'm sure you knew that already.

An adapter might work to achieve what you are shooting for.


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Does anyone know what the spacing is on the Goblin between it’s stock Wang supports?

Searched and it seems the spacing of the Wang Bracket Install Width: 33"

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In that case the Wang I was looking at is not even close :(

The research continues
That's what I found. There aren't many out there that will work with the mounting. The Siebon is one of the few that fit almost exactly. There was some much cheaper one the DF was contracting with in the early days but that had issues and DF didn't feel comfortable selling them. Point being, there was at least two. I'm sure others have found more that will work with some modification.