Justin Reed Racing DF Goblin


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Just hurt feelings by the looks of it right?
I have to say Justin is fast wherever he goes and if your racing and never bend one your not trying hard enough lol.
Hope all is well Justin. Not sure if you need anything DF doesn’t have stock on but if so just reach out. Have a complete front end in parts if you need something to get put back together in short order. I could ups it tomorrow.
Also as DS mentioned always curious to hear what may have caused it especially if it was a part that one of us could potentially break as well. If it was poor judgement I already have enough of that for all of us.

Indy Lonnie

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That wreck was over 3 weeks ago. Justin had his car fixed in less than a week. He even had time to ship me the full floating brakes that week.


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Glad it was just a simple brush with a guard rail. Kind of looks like he lost steering altogether...