LNF 5th Injector


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So as stated in the original post, the reason I want to add a 5th injector is for additional fueling for E85 and to help keep the valves clean.
Would there be any issues with running a 5th injector on 93 pump gas just for cleaning the valves? I understand it will require additional tuning to keep it from running rich, but are there any other problems it could cause?

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I don't see how it could harm anything, if the tuning on the direct injectors is adjusted for the fuel coming in from the 5th injector. Might be a little tougher to get everything perfect, since the reason for the DFI was to make the fuel mixture more 'precise'. I would also consider running water/meth for that 5th injector, rather than fuel. Same valve washing benefit and probably easier to get the mixture ratio right - at least there seems to be a little more leeway with the water/meth.


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I would also consider running water/meth for that 5th injector, rather than fuel
Running pump gas on the 5th injector was more like an interim step. Since the long term plan is E85, I don't want to add an additional tank/pump for water/meth. Plus having a tune ready for pump gas incase E85 isn't available would be nice, without having to mess with the 5th injector controller etc.


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Is anyone running the ZZP 5th injector kit on their LNF goblin?
I'm considering picking up one of these for E85 fueling + valve washing and was curious if there were any clearance/other issues with how it mounts to the Evap solenoid port in the intake.
This is where ZZP put the 5th injector on the donor I bought.