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I didn't need the aluminum ring. I did need to take apart the horn button to get at the horn spring, then using pliers I bent the bottom of the spring, which now follows the red dotted line, to keep it out of the way during assembly. The horn wires are a bit of a joke, as one wire is suppose to attach to the center lug that your thumb is on... but once attached, it prevents re-assembly, as there is no room for it. Then the electricity is suppose to travel thru 2 bolt heads... it might last a few steering wheel attachments, but I doubt it would last long or be reliable. I do like the custom DF logo thou, even if it isn't a horn on my car. The logo is glued to black plastic, so I wasn't able to back light it. The wheel felt good quality, as did the suede leather/pleather, and all the aluminum parts. I did have to use the chrome allen head machine bolts on the black aluminum horn ring... I was hoping to use the black button allen head bolts, but they weren't long enough.
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Thank you wanted to make sure I wasn't doing something wrong before I started bending stuff


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Don't use the aluminum ring. And as you install the steering wheel and button you will have to move the steering wheel over against the wire to get the bolts in. It will fit but it is tough. It may be easier to do what Ross suggested.
Another thing you can do is cut the spring near the brass terminal.



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I’m not sure what I did right but had zero issues installing mine with no modifications. I will say bolt evening together before you install the hub so you don’t have to do like I did and pull the hub back off to center the steering wheel. Other than that I love the feel of the steering wheel

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Installed mine tonight with the DF center horn button active. Not sure how long the contacts are going to last. Started by wrapping some spare phone cord I had around an aluminum pipe then heating it and letting it cool to try to get the insulation to take a set. Had to slightly clean the through hole and clearance the df column support. (Still had to remove insulation jacket here or it would rup. Zip tied together and expanded out the coil size (should have used a larger coil rod to start with) its working great for now, hope yo have updates at the October gathering.