• Photo Contest at Mountain View Meetup

    We need everybody to go vote on their favorite photos at the Mountain View Meetup. Head over to the forum thread today and like some photos!
    Guys should be uploading photos throughout the day so be sure to check back or subscribe to this thread.

    Mountain View Arkansas Meetup Forum Thread

*Official Builders Thread* Where are you located?


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Thanks for posting everyone, I will keep this updated for any goblin owners that may be interested to meet up or help other goblin owners in their area. If/when it gets long I will organize them by state.

Admin, can you make this a "sticky" if possible?


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James Windland
Williamstown, WV
2006 Cobalt SS/SC
Extended City Frame
Chassis #70
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Andy Marquand
Charleston SC
05 SS/SC
Regular frame

Almost all done working on body panels


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Yeah I think I did, sorry about that. I was in the process of re formatting into each state individually and had you on that one.