*Official Builders Thread* Where are you located?


John C.
Highland Illinois
JSix Design #123
2009 SS/TC
First drive as soon as the wheels arrive!!!

G Atsma

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It's you, because you noticed this location list grow substantially over the last few months..... oh wait.... the list HAS grown.... lol


Goblin Guru
We really need someone to update the map that is pinned to the first post. It is close to double what is on the map now!


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Agreed. Now that RichRich isn't as active, it would be nice for someone else to have thread ownership to update on his behalf.


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I am in Kansas City #63 but no sure who 5, 20, 31 and 23 are. Do not remember Nukers # or Wombat#
I think I have met the man that has #5 several years ago about 2009 or 2010.



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Adam, can you tell me the first name of chassis 136? I'm wondering if it's who I think it is.
If you search the forum, you will find "Aaron Buley's Street (Extended) Goblin #136"
so it is no secret. Hey Aaron and you are both within a gas tank of me! Come visit when you feel like a drive!


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I added the map to Rich's first post in this thread. It looks like it will update as I add the orders to it. Hopefully it displays alright on all screen types. The newest order placed was today for number 157. If you want to have some fun, try to find it without cheating by clicking on the list on the left side of the screen.