Po mans shifter upgrade - F35

Indy Lonnie

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I recently changed out my clutch and decided to change some stuff.
I found an old thread in the Cobalt SS forum and decided to give it a try.
Results: Shifts like budder now! 2-3 shift is very direct and easier. 4-5 shift is MUCH better and easier to find- can now power-shift.

Transmission shift lever. GM 55563735 - $13 + shipping. (Old one is the dark blackish one. New is the silver.)
I also swapped out the shifter spring for a stiffer one and some solid shifter bushings - $20 each. Both from ZZP.
Hardware - $10

The lever is held in by a roll pin.
Once I had the cables adjusted correctly the 1-2 shift was a little “crunchy” and not as fast as I wanted. I looked at the shifter. It needed a little adjustment.
I had to shave some off the 1-2 left position blue guide. Once I did that the guide could slip down and cause some interference. I cut a piece of 5/8” hose 5/8” tall. I slit this and used as a bushing at the bottom of the shift lever. I wrapped the new rubber bushing with some narrowed electrical tape for insurance. The bushing holds everything up to the factory height to allow the shifter to hit all of its factory detents. (The blue guide is held up with 2 clips that engage the shifter handle. If it should pop loose, the rubber bushing will keep everything happy as it did before it was modified.)
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Indy Lonnie

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After a day of driving, I must say this shifter upgrade is incredible. The shifting is so much smoother, clean and very direct. No more searching for a gear and waiting for it it engage and drop in. Every gear is an improvement especially 5th.