Project Undertow #388

Hey guys, I'm super stoked for my 1st stage goblin kit to be ready for pickup in the next month or so.
I have a ss supercharged (lsj)
Is there anything you experienced people can give me for advice while I'm preparing to start bolting things together?


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Yep. Read build logs similar to your build and go from there.

Start a build log and add a bunch of pictures. It seems redundant to do a log, but it’s for your own references later on and as a lot of us scan your log we may find things you overlooked or did improperly.


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Is there anything you experienced people can give me for advice while I'm preparing to start bolting things together?
As someone who has probably made more than the average number of mistakes for my point in the process: Labeling things really does make it easier, despite how tedious it may seem. Especially electrical connectors. When it's all out of the car on your floor, you'll appreciate having the labels.


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Depending on what you do for seat belts/harness and to some extent how tall you are and what seats you use, you might want to add a harness bar behind the seats.


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I echo the labels comment! I bought a cheap electronic label printer and my son took lead on printing out labels for every connector as I unplugged it. I also took a ton of pictures before, and as, I disassembled the donor. It makes it a lot easier to do the wiring harness and then when reassembling in the Goblin. And agree with Build Logs, reading them and starting one. This helped me so much.

Also, when you pull the engine, have an idea what level of basic maintenance and upgrades you want to do. While the engine is out it is super easy to do the timing chain, especially the problematic guide bolt and old tensioner. It also is much easier to change the clutch and trans oil. While you have great access to the engine in the Goblin, most of that is easier while the engine is out.


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Also, if a ZZP phenolic spacer is in your future plans it’s really easy to change with the engine out and on a roller dolly.
I’m not too far ahead of you so I my build log (in signature) may be helpful. I’m trying recount all the issues that pop up in it, especially with wiring. Reading others that have similar build has been helpful for me.
Label everything on the wiring harnesses as they come out. It may seem trivial for things like speakers, etc. but it will be very helpful later on.
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Yesterday I spent almost six hours going through my wiring harness and checking all the pinouts for the wires I thinned out while watching the first 4 harness videos. I have a few wires that I am questioning what to do with.

I have the following
Tan + tan/black data wire
Grey stop lamp supply volt
Thick pink Run/crank ignition volt
Grey 5v reference
White EVAP canaster vent solenoid control
Purple unidentified wire
Green fuel tank pressure sensor signal
Grey fuel pump primary relay
Dark green backup lamp

What I have and what the guide has at the end of video 4 are slightly different. Can someone identify the wires shown at the end of the video or help me figure out what I did wrong?

2006 SS SC (lsj)


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The tan and tan/black wires go here.
The stop lamp and backup lamp wires will go past the fusebox by ~4 feet, heading for the tail lights, of course.
Purple wire was the fog lamp wire, which is ignition switched wire for any accessories (stereo / interior lighting / seat heaters / etc)
Evap canister solenoid was eliminated, unless you are keeping the emissions stuff.
Your fuel pump is ~3 feet away from the rear fusebox.
I'm not sure about those other wires...


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Probably need to know the exact pin connection for the pink ignition wire.

Same for the 5v reference although I think it might be the ac pressure 5v reference.


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I'm in the process of thinning the AC Pressure wires from my engine harness. If that grey wire runs to pin E on the purple engine to body harness connector that is what it is:

This is the engine harness side, but it will be in the same place on the body harness side:
Thanks to all of you for your input, I've worked out most of the kinks.

I now need to determine what wires go to the fuel pump.
I have the following
• thick grey
• purple
• a green I labeled as fuel pressure sensor signal
• and a grey 5v reference-1

The video talked about a tan wire that would have been labeled if it was a lnf
Any ideas?


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I didn't have a grey wire out of the fuel pump. Did you keep all the Evaporator wires?
I had: Purple, Grey, Orange (Faded to Pink-ish) and a Ground.

I would trace back that green wire and see where it goes on the connector and then reference it against the schematics.
Green wire set aside goes to c1 pin 24 and is the fuel tank pressure sensor signal
Thin of grey wire goes to ecm c1 pin 47 and is a 5-volr reference 1
I have the others figured out

I'm also looking for a fuse block ground that I dont have, its needed in part6 at 1:20


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All of the black wires leaving the fuse box can be grounded. There may be some grounds that are no longer needed but it won’t hurt to ground them anyway. That way you don’t have to worry about the “correct” ground you are missing.
I've made some progress on prepping donor pieces and finishing up the harness. My invoice came in and its paid for, just waiting on pickup dates.

I've run into a bump while combining my dash harness to my body harness.

My conectors for the brake and clutch are different than what are shown in the build videos. I cant tell the differences between them and I dont want to screw anything up. In video 9 (3:45) they take the brake pedal wires and cut and tie them, I cannot determine what conector is the correct one for my 06 lsj.

Then in video 10 (4:54) they tape the brake and clutch conectors. I only have the accelerator pedal conector and one other disconnected from the harness due to not knowing what plugs are what.

Also what is everyone's experience with painting the chassis themselves?
I plan on using a single stage white automotive grade paint (like GM gloss white)


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My LSJ clutch switch has pink & yellow wires. I removed the cruise clutch switch. The pink gets 12V+ from the BCM, and the yellow sends power to the crank relay when the clutch is pressed.

I painted my frame with Rustoleum gloss white. Mostly because I want to able to weld to my frame, and make changes. It is easy to fix paint chips, and I end up doing touch up on my frame about once a year.
It's been a while, I've made some decent progress.

Wire harness is complete
Chassis got its last coat of paint today
Donor parts are prepped
I've bought hp tuners to disable VATS

I still need to paint my floor pans and firewall panels

I was going to ask you guys what I should get for a fuel pump and filter. I have the new plastic tank for the ss sc and I'm planning on getting a zzp filter.

I need a pump and was wondering in any performance ones were a drop in?

Also I need to find a place to test my ecm.