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I really like this and wanted to do something similar for mine. When I get to that point I may reach out. It looks nice!


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I got the black fabric in yesterday for the Goblin roofs. I guess I ordered too much. I have two extra (more than the orders I have already received) "short" or regular length roofs.

First two who PM me get them for $125 and I will pay the shipping! :)



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OK. So, I did not know originally that I was going to revive this old post. I started on my own version of a sun roof for the Goblin before I even found this thread.

The Houston sun is getting a little hot these days. This roof addition really blocks it well and makes Goblin excursions more comfortable.

I found a fairly clean and reasonable solution. The material is pretty tough. I laced it up quickly today and drove about 20 miles sometimes going about 60 mph. Not much flapping at all. I could probably tighten it a little more.

I would like to see if there are any others interested in buying one.
It will only fit the full track frame - sorry the rest of y'all :(
I can source all the materials, get it cut, sewn, install grommets for about $125 plus shipping.
Black material only.
The video in post #4 above explains how to lace it up. That takes a little patience and care so that you get it all going the correct way. Also, it takes a little thought as to which side of the halo bracing it attaches to. I laced it in about 30 minutes by myself.

If you are interested, please PM me your name and address AND if you have a standard length frame or the 4" extended version.
Venmo is @Jason-Backs for payment.

I have one presently for the 4" extended frame. That one is available for almost immediate delivery.
I have one builder that already wants one in the shorter version.

I will wait a few days to see if there is any interest before placing the order for the materials.

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Do you still have the regular roof size ones?