steering column bearing part number?

having a hard time getting this out. I see stamp KOYO 6904.

I guess any 6904 bearing looks like it should have the same specs.
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Ark :D

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DF has spares in the store that, unlike he stock one, are sealed.

On getting out the original, if I remember right, once I took off the snap ring, it more or less fell out.

I don't have the part number for the original to cross reference but the sealed one about is a logical upgrade.
Agreed, I have one of these sitting on my workbench, just waiting for the next time I take the hood off. Soon, if the temperature has anything to say about it. :confused:
snap ring and shaft came right out. I just couldn't get the bearing retainer tabs to bend . its okay I did get a bearing ordered, its the open style, ill get it packed with grease and should be just fine :)