Torque spec.


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Looking for the torque specs for the two bolts the hold the rear toe bar. The ones the go into the sub frame.


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I asked recently and the answer was 81 ft-lbs since that was what the manual has for the steering rack that lived there previously. Made sense to me.


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It sounds like there isn't a clear consensus?

I'll say it's less than 100 ftlbs, because I tried it, and it didn't go well. After the bolt bottomed out, I turned it maybe another 3/4 turn, and my torque wrench never clicked. It just got "mushy". I'm not sure if the bolt was stripping (I doubt it), or if the subframe was squishing (more likely). It looked like a big bolt....100 seemed about right, but I guess not.

Anyway, for whatever reason, 100 wouldn't work. So I guess we are somewhere between 50 and 81?


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I typically use the German spec of “gut-n-tite”. About the only thing that I ever use a torque wrench on is internal engine parts. Never had any more problem that I had when I used to be a lot more picky about the torque settings.