Triple Pod Cluster Design [STL]


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Designed up a triple pod cluster that works with the DF boost gauge bracket (at least for 2005-2007 SS/SC donors). There's a really nice dual pod that ctuinstra made and shared, but I didn't want to buy a metal bracket. Mine also has a mount for the ambient light sensor.

This is specifically made for an Aeroforce Interceptor, LSJ OEM Boost Gauge, and AEM X-Series AFR gauge. Fitment for any other gauges is not guaranteed.

Screenshot 2024-02-12 at 1.56.40 PM.png

IMG_0526 Copy.JPG IMG_0528 Copy.JPG IMG_0529 Copy.JPG IMG_0535 Copy.JPG

Do note that the fitment from the hood is really close. Slight bending of the DF boost gauge bracket may be needed, or washers to space the cluster forward a little bit. STL is attached.

If you don't have a printer, let me know and I can print one for material cost+shipping (PLA or ABS, your choice).

Bonus; made a simple bracket to mount my Evil Energy Fuel Filter. I haven't mounted it yet, but should use a 6mm bolt/washer/nut. I'm planning to mount to the flat steel bar just above the fuel tank in the middle.
IMG_0546.jpg IMG_0544.jpg



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Do you happen to know what diameter your fuel filter where the bracket is?
It's a hair under 50mm. Inner diameter of the bracket is 48.75mm, so the opening on the front allows for it to give a tight fit to hold the filter.