V2 Donor Checklist


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Is there going to be a donor checklist available for the V2 kit that's releasing this year? I've been searching the web for GTI donors and it seems like buying a salvage vehicle will be my best option. I don't want to miss out on any opportunities to purchase one. So, what level of damage should I avoid?

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Severe front end damage is best to avoid. Light front end or side/rear damage is usually OK- at least it was for V1 Goblins. Probably will be for V2, but check with Adam or Lonny to be certain.


Goblin V2 is not going to require quite as many parts from the donor as the original Goblin.

Below is our target but is subject to (will) change.

All basic Goblin V2 kits will be shipped completely assembled less donor and optional parts:

The turbo air-to-water charge air cooling system is installed.
The engine cooling system will be installed and ready to attach to your MK7 VW GTI engine.
The complete brake system will be installed, brakes bled, and ready to use.
The front and rear Lotus Elise-inspired suspension is installed, adjusted, and ready to attach customer-supplied wheels and tires and your donor's steering rack.
The steering shaft, the turn signal, and the steering wheel are installed and ready to connect to your donor's steering rack.
The fuel tank and filler neck are installed and ready to accept your donor's fuel pump.
The shifter linkage is installed and awaiting your DSG transmission shifter.
The fully welded frame with installed powder-coated sheet metal is ready for customer-supplied seats and seat belts.
Ships with exhaust system and mounts.

Optional equipment:

Fiberglass hood without extractor
Fiberglass hood with extractor kit
Brake proportioning valve kit (installed)
Steering wheel upgrade kit (installed)
LCD instrument cluster
Body wiring harness with fuse box
Fiberglass side panel kit
Fiberglass side pod kit
Fiberglass engine cover with molded cargo area.
Windshield kit
Windshield wiper kit
Side mirror kit
Center-mounted mirror kit
Front sway bar kit
Seat mounts
Corbeau seats
Seat belts
Rear wing mount kit
Tow bar kit
Headlight kit
Tail light kit

From the donor:

Complete engine and transmission system
Fuel pump with module
Partial wiring harness system and fuse box
Driver-side CV joint
Shifter and cable
Throttle pedal
Engine computer
Windshield wiper motor
Steering rack
Steering shaft U-joint section

All Goblin V2 platforms will be factory-assembled with standard powder coat colors (TBD).
or with the customer's color choice (additional handling cost)
or for those that would like to weld to or make custom changes to their kit, we will ship it fully assembled and bare. (remove powder coating cost)
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