What is the furthest you drove to get a donor?


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I see a donor car that I like but it would be 4,600 mile road trip. Or An estimated cost of $2,700 to have it shipped?



That's a long poke. I logged a little over 900 miles round trip for mine. It was the closest donor that fit my requirements after actively searching for around 5 months. "There are always cars for sale", my father would say. If the one you're looking at isn't perfect for what you're after, there's always time.

Ark :D

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About 130 miles one way. Not terribly far, until you realize it's the donor I bought, and I had to get it home while having completely destroyed front driver-side drive/suspension.



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That drops the shipping cost down to $1,600, such a deal :)

You can have people bid it as well. When I bought my boat I looked into it and the bidding was for a few days. It started at a 2k offer to drop off the boat and by the time it was done it was down to $750. Still ended up driving down to NC from MI to get it, just as a small get away.


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My donor was a roundtrip of about...7 miles? Something like that.
How did you manage such a daunting quest! That's got to be some sort of shortest distance record (excluding pre-owned and shipping frames).

I went 350 miles round trip. I really wouldn't have gone much further.