Wing Uprights


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I would like to go ahead and get a set of these done! Would also like to know what wing you used....really like it. Please let me know what you need from me and where to send cash (PayPal?). Thanks! Ken
Sorry I missed this. PM me and I can helave them cut you a set. Just need to know if you want 3/16 or 1/4.


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IDRVSLO, any update on the wing uprights? Seems like there wasn't much of a demand, but wanted to see if the two sets got cut. Lmk
Thanks Anthony
I am getting plans from another member to get a set water jetted locally due to time on these...


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Just a side note to future readers.... to clarify a rumor that was going on a few months back, the DF Carbon wings that were cracking were definitely not APR wings as some people thought. I can’t find that discussion now though.