5/110 to 5/114.3 conversion and brake information


Question about wheel bearing hubs: Can you use Grand Am wheel bearing hubs like this guy? http://www.chevycobaltforum.com/threads/my-hub-conversion.2662/

I don't see why not, idk which car they're running them on, one of the posts above said that the tc has different axles or whatever than the rest of the models. So they'll probably only work on the car the cobalt guys are using. I didnt read the entire cobalt forum so I don't know the whole gist.

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Is this still offered? I have a set of 5x110 wheel hubs I'd like to convert to 5x114.3, seeing as I was enlightened to the fact that wheel adapters may get me a red X from Pennsylvania when the time comes...


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You can purchase new 5x114.3 (redrilled) hubs from DFG at $100 each. Nobody ever confirmed the Grand Am wheel bearings would work.

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That would be great, the wheel choice is a lot better for 114.3 than it is for 110. I had planned on converting to 4-lug hubs but I located a full set of new 5-lugs, from someone that sold their Cobalt before installing them.