Aftermarket or custom auto shifter assembly?


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I know someone on here i think made their own auto shifter assembly to replace the stop bulky setup. Wondering if any can share what they did for aftermarket or custom auto shifter assemblies/mounting? And also, how do you address the sensor/wiring that prevents removal of key from ignition if not in Park (wire that goes to auto shifter assembly)? Can you just short the two wires together?

Thanks! Would really like to move the shifter off the center console area, possibly to left side of leg or otherwise. I'd like to mount some electronics over the hole where the auto shifter is supposed to mount.


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We are currently building an all terrain goblin that is an automatic. The OEM shifter interfered with the turning brake so we went with an aftermarket shifter that is used in dirt racing cars.

You will need to drill four holes in the tunnel cap to mount it.



You can disable the key lock by removing the solenoid from the ignition switch (two phillip screws) and bend up a small paper clip to hold the small lever into the release position.


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Smiley's racing, but they are common to dirt racing so you can probably buy one from summit.