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Not much progress, I decided not to go with the Montana registration. I feel that being on the East Coast and being an attention grabbing car it would not end up lasting very long before an officer asked why, and although its legal. I don't want to end up going down the worse case scenario rabbit hole. I am going to go to the MVA Tuesday and see what exactly it would take to get things done in Maryland.

I installed the third brake light and license plate light.
I ordered better tube clamps to hold it in place, and I also need to 3D print the plate holder itself.

I also started messing around with the towing set up. For me to feel super comfortable, I'd need to get some plates welded onto the tow bar ends so that it "mates" with the end joints better. I don't like that its only on one side of it. The bar I ordered is pretty much the same design as the harbor freight one but from amazon. It was $61.00 shipped.


I do think I am going to end up using this set up though tomorrow and take it to a drag strip locally. Outside of that, no real progress made. I am considering selling it if the MVA process is too lengthy or if I'd have to make a lot of modifications to the set up. I wouldn't mind purchasing an Lotus Elise or a 4 door wrangler that needs some work. Seeing how these cars likely will take a while to sell, I figured I'd start taking feelers.


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Well my first time trying to get to the MVA didn't work out....

I reserved the trailer online and put in all the necessary information about my truck, the vehicle being towed (cobalt) and it allowed to me to complete the reservation.

In MD I have to get the car title inspected (make sure nothing is stolen) but the inspection is only on Tuesdays, and only between 8-1230. So, I make it to the Uhaul at 830, they open at 9. I knew before hand this guy loves to talk to his customers because of a previous visit so I knew it was going to take at least a few extra minutes but I was limited because they had what I needed.

The guy shows up at 850, he is noticeably upset because he says the previous customers didn't park the previously rented trucks where he told them to put them. Either way I told him it was ok, I'd wait and that i had a reservation and I would be willing to hook up the trailer if it helped. He said he had to do it...whatever...I went inside.

After a bit, he comes inside and says we can go ahead and hook it up. We do so, go back inside and he boots up his computer and begins to get through the reservation. Long story short. Every page he gets to seems like its the first time he's seen it. Tries to find the next to continue on, eventually he comes to a page that he cannot hit the next button and just starts clicking the items on the page to see if he can get it to proceed. Keeps clicking previous page next page etc. Still nothing. Finally he clicks something and it looks like the disclosure that talks about over sized tires etc. he reads it and decides that the cobalt wont fit on the trailer and it will not him continue because its an over sized vehicle.

At this point my day is going to shit. its now 945 and he says he will make a call....I am thinking well now that I've explained a cobalt is a pretty small car, he is hopefully asking for help to navigate the uhaul web site to complete the reservation. Nope, after waiting on hold for a while he is trying to find a new trailer, making a call to find a trailer I can use