Midwest Meet Spring 2019 ***UPDATED***


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I should be able to make this, pending registration issues. Shouldn't be too tough in Indiana though, so I don't foresee any delays.


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Can an Exocet tag along or is this a Goblin only event?
Absolutely! We would love for you to join in. I'm open to others for sure. Just didn't want it to turn out to be 150 cars and only 2 Goblins.
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Spring is getting close! It will be here before you know it. I will be calling the local establishments soon to make sure they will be open and to expect a small group. Not a large group confirmed yet, but sometimes the best times are in smaller groups. If there are others that are just interested in DF Kit cars, they are more than welcome to join.


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I think we will be bringing three of our cars and we will see if we can get dynoman56 to go.

Hey Dennis if your reading this you and Sharon should go. Lol

I think this would be a good time for everyone to let Chad know if you think you are going to make it to his meetup.

Several of our customers have mentioned that they are going to try and make it. It will be seriously cool to have a bunch of goblins in one place. We are very excited and thanks Chad for doing this for us.

Google says may 17th is 56 days away! Yikes, that'll be here before we know it.


I've posted to the Exocet Owners facebook page, we'll see if we get any bites there. I also was just able to hammer out my logistics on getting up there. Put me down as 1 right now, I'm trying to talk another person into coming with me.


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I just posted on the exocet owners forum.

On another note I think we are going to give a footwell cover to the goblin owner that drives the farthest to attend.
Will driving around in circles count?? I really need one of those lol.