Midwest Meet Spring 2019


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Hey Chad,

Looks like there's some interest, anything thoughts on getting some dates on the calendar?

I was thing that I need to get going on this, especially now that I know that we will be attending with the new build.

April seems to be a good time frame for weather, maybe late April. I would like to see What Kaleb’s class schedule is to make sure he can join in.
I have road my Yamaha R6 on a lot of these twisty, low traffic, Ozark roads. Many smiles to the miles. Spring will probably be before my kit is running, but I can always ride the R6 with y'all. I would like my kit running by July... but I'm not sure how realistic that is.
Hey everyone, I was reading through this thread and I actually have a cool option for a meet. I work for a company in Chicago called "OEM PARTS DEPOT," which has the same owner as what is formerly Crate Engine Depot. Every year we have a meet in Illinois which includes auto cross on Saturdays and track time on Sunday at Great Lakes Dragaway. This is a meet that is specifically for Ecotec platform vehicles. There's no charge to come out unless you participate in events. I come in from Maryland and many others come in from out of state as well. It's a fantastic weekend with cruises, photo op, and lots of fun stuff. Over the Top Performance, ZZP, B3 Drivetrains, Category V Portworx and a few other businesses that gear specifically toward the Ecotec engine platform, all come out to hang with us. We would be thrilled to include the Goblin community! If this sounds good, I'll definitely keep details posted as they progress.
That could be fun too! Probably deserving of its own thread though.

eta: crud, now I have to get my rear in gear and finish this thing...
Yeah, I probably will post it up when we solidify the dates. We usually wait on the Auto Cross club to verify their date before we announce it.