RichN City Goblin - 2007 LT donor

Discussion in 'Build Logs' started by RichN, May 9, 2016.

  1. RichRich

    RichRich Active Member

    Hmm, wonder why the video depicts it backwards. I gotta call them tomorrow anyways. I will mention it
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  2. JSATX

    JSATX Well-Known Member

    Yeah I seem to remember them changing that since the video. I can’t say for sure, I can say for sure you want the cold hose on the bottom and the cold hose goes into the thermostat.
  3. RichN

    RichN Well-Known Member

    I’d been driving it for months before I crashed it. Never had any problems with cooling. Keep in mind, mine was more than half built before the videos came out.
  4. Lonny

    Lonny Administrator Staff Member

    We originally copied the cobalt cooling system and routed the coolant into the top of the radiator and then out of the bottom.

    It seemed to work okay but we would pull the radiator cap and find the radiator would have developed an air pocket at the top. This reduces the radiators ability to cool.

    We switched the direction to put the coolant entering the bottom of the radiator and exiting the top. This eliminates the possibility of having an air pocket.

    The reason OEMs don't like to do this is if the coolant level ever gets too low it can immediately stop flowing. Our cooling system would have to lose a lot of coolant before this would happen so as long as everyone takes a look at their coolant tank once in a while everything will be okay.

    Dynoman56 has 11000 miles on his goblin with the radiator hooked up the old way.
  5. ctuinstra

    ctuinstra Well-Known Member

    I was just installing up my radiator yesterday and hadn't hooked up the hoses yet. I'm glad I seen this.

    Just to be clear - Passenger side DOES go the the bottom of the radiator and driver side to the top.
  6. RichRich

    RichRich Active Member

    Yes, that is the way they run it now as I understand it. That is what I mentioned a few posts ago that it would have a hard time purging the air out having to push it down through the radiator before it is able to exit. I think it can honestly be run either way but if you have the passenger side connected to the top you may have to pop the cap and fill it every so often, any air in the system will gather there.
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  7. RichN

    RichN Well-Known Member

    D78F808A-296B-4517-AA14-D90215ED6B6F.jpeg Good as new, ready for paint. The girls decided on gloss purple and no Green Goblin graphics.
  8. JSATX

    JSATX Well-Known Member

    Well I’m going to go out on a limb here and disagree for three reasons.

    First and foremost, we all know heat rises. Go grab ahold of your radiator at operating temp. The top of the radiator is significantly warmer. I’ll go check later, but I’m willing to bet there is a solid 15-20° difference between top and bottom of the radiator. Maybe even more with the fan on. Why would you want to suck water into the engine from the hotter top side?

    Second is Radiators almost always have a little air trapped in the top. It’s not a bad thing, if your coolant intake tube is down on the bottom of the radiator where there’s no chance that there can be a bubble. I’d much rather have bubbles trapped in the top of my radiator than getting sucked into the engine. Go look on your factory car right now. You’ll see the coolant about 1/2” below the cap. That’s all air.

    Third is the cap on the radiator. Try as I might I can’t get it to seal. It will very slowly release pressure or suck in air when it needs too, even though my overflow tube is capped and clamped.

    Don’t mean to thread jack. I’m sure you can get it to work either way just fine but I won’t be changing mine anytime soon....
  9. JSATX

    JSATX Well-Known Member

    That’s a clean repair job! Which epoxy did you use?
  10. Briann1177

    Briann1177 Well-Known Member

    Did you notice there are a couple of low areas? It might be just the angle too. Not trying to be critical, but that will probably stick out like a sore thumb when you get paint on it especially with a gloss paint.

  11. RichN

    RichN Well-Known Member

    That is actually from sanding down a drip of primer. I ran my fingers over a bunch of times, it’s smooth, it’s just an illusion.

  12. RichN

    RichN Well-Known Member

    Rear wheels and tires just arrived!!!
    Fronts should be here tomorrow.

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  13. KJP

    KJP Active Member

    You would never know that was repaird. Nice work

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