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    [TC TUNE GUIDE #2] Dial in Fuel Trims

    Thanks for putting all of this together! What are your thoughts on the pros and cons of dialing in trims via the MAF curve vs. the MAF correction table?
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    E 85

    I ran E85 for about 40k miles in my Solstice GXP (LNF).
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    air temperature data for air-air intercooler

    Looks good. How are you going to control the fans?
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    AZMoto #245 ext-track - 09 SS TC

    Pedal upgrade:
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    Hacking the GM Low Speed LAN

    If you buy an STM32F1 programmer with a SWD interface you can re-program the board to do whatever you want.
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    Hacking the GM Low Speed LAN

    That's exactly what these guys do. The good news is that the microcontroller is unprotected and can be reprogrammed...
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    Justin Reed

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    EVAP starting strangeness

    Well today it wouldn't start right away even with the EVAP unplugged so the EVAP may be just coincidental. It may just be a tuning issue that's getting worse. I'm running the MAP sensors off of the donor. I also have Opel injectors and E85. The tune is stock other than the parameter changes for...
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    EVAP starting strangeness

    I have a brand new ATK LNF engine with a new engine harness. The first few times I started the engine it cranked right up and idled fine. The other day when I went to put it on the trailer for the DMV inspection it wouldn't start. After about the 3rd or 4th time cranking I would get a mild...
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    AZMoto #245 ext-track - 09 SS TC

    Well it's not registered or titled yet. I still have to deal with that. The white box is the tank for water/meth injection. It's just mocked up, currently held on with cable ties.
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    Brian's City Goblin-06/Crate MotorTC #61

    That looks great!
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    Arizona Registration

    Dune buggy is a sub classification under Special Construction Vehicles. Kit Car is the correct sub classification we are looking for but that field doesn't exist on the paperwork I received. My car is listed as a SPECON vehicle but there is a field for body style in which it says ATV. If you...
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    Arizona Registration

    Unfortunately I can confirm that the Mesa DMV Level 2 inspection process is still a trainwreck.
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    AZMoto #245 ext-track - 09 SS TC

    Well I got a VIN assigned today. I won't say the process wasn't without some challenges but we got it done. Next up plates and registration.