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    syntroniks' City Goblin - Pontiac G5 donor

    At the risk of being perceived as an ass, can I ask that you don't speak in 3rd person? Please. :confused:
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    Registering in Oklahoma

    Good deal. I'm hoping I can make a deal on an 09 base model this weekend. Thanks for the info.
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    Registering in Oklahoma

    Has anyone gone through the process for getting one on the road in OK? Looking to get a donor and start the stripping process. I would assume that a salvage title wouldn't be an issue. Would I be mistaken?
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    Making room in the garage.

    Making room in the garage.
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    So easy a girl can do it

    Start to hate it? Not a chance. It's beautiful! Fantastic job. I'm still trying to convince my wife to accept that I'm going to do this project. If she said she was going to do it instead, I might have a heart attack. I'm probably going to go all stock myself as too much power tends to get me...
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    How to deal with cut subframe

    Without a doubt buy one. Even if I were a master welder I wouldn't want to have any chance of a weak spot on a part as crucial as that.
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    Modern Performance

    I have been in similar situations! Probably spent just as much time fixing a mistake or cleaning up an accident as I have making progress on projects. I think it could be a whole new segment on America's Funniest Videos.
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    Modern Performance

    I'll subscribe to your channel!
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    KJPs 08 TC 6 Speed build

    Nice find on the donor. Wish I could get that lucky. :p
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    Great question. I was pondering the thought... I am not sure I wouldn't enjoy the build process more than the extra cost.
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    Texas Revoking Titles (and how you can help)

    Yep. Seemed like they didn't want to admit there was ever a bad experience at the DMV. I have yet to have a great one.:confused: