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    JERMzSS - 06 SS/SC - way overdue log in Arkansas

    Mind if I ask What wheels are those slicks mounted on? I'm having a very hard time finding good looking wide 4 lug wheels.
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    size size and size

    I am 6'4 300 lbs and fit fine with an extended frame. With a quick detach wheel I'd imagine you'd be fine, but definitely try sitting in one to be 100% I have kirky drag seats too, which I imagine helps alot, mounted just 1" off the floor. I don't have a quick detach wheel now and am fine...
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    Throttle Body Performance

    Ah okay, I am going tvs so that's why i thoght it was bolt on. Thanks for the information! Hopefully you. Guys can find an upgrade!
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    ISO Photo of Underside of Completed Goblin

    Going to be problematic to install because the bottom rails hold the water lines. You'll likely want to weld on tabs all the way around to install that to before u get the frame coated. Otherwise it'll all have to be supported from connection points inside the outer frame.
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    Throttle Body Performance

    There's a bolt on upgraded throttle body already available, the ls4 tb, but from my reading it makes even a full-size cobalt very twitchy to drive, I can only imagine what it would be like for our goblins. But you might be able to play with the tune to tone it down, I know it's bolt on at least...
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    Aftermarket solid shifter?

    I think the new shifter did away with alot the issues of the original shifter people tried. It looks to work well as intended now.
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    r3drckt - extended track - 06 SS/SC G85

    You could Look into a bench harness too worst case, I know efi connection has a few for chevy engines. A link to get ya started. Not sure if that is the one you need specifically, but the first one I seen with a quick...
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    SS/TC Heater Loop Bypass PN#? Yeah my fault, the title actually says supercharged guys. So not sure if this would carry over for non supercharged guys or not. Took me a second to find it. Might be worth looking at...
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    SS/TC Heater Loop Bypass PN#?

    You guys have seen the thread about drilling out the wall inside and capping off the tubes right? That's what I did, cleaned it up very well. Edit: my car is a ss/sc maybe it won't Carry over to the later cars?
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    Winter Weather Thread

    We got 12" the other day here in WI, and now today it's -35. Brrrr! How did I not realize you were so close to me fozda?
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    Fozda's Track Goblin - 06 SS/SC

    Ah yeah, what I do on that side is losen the bolt on the steam port, and put a tiny funnel there, gets the air out in a min or two.
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    Fozda's Track Goblin - 06 SS/SC

    Are you using a coolant expansion tank on both ends of the system there? That's a pretty sweet idea. I also dig the oil cooler Location there.
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    Build videos only go so far

    Yeah the fb groups not knowing about the forums is a thing for sure, I've made a few comments for people to sign up here and check it out.
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    Build videos only go so far

    This is so true, you'll never find a bigger group of friendly people all in one place. Don't forget the 2 main facebook groups too, also good for quick questions. I know a few People frequent both the fb groups and here.
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    Build videos only go so far

    Do you mean the bcm? The bcm only has provisions for those 4 main plugs, that's about it. Once those are plugged in. And it's installed, you're essentially done there. There isn't much else up in the front that isn't self explanatory, there's a stage 2 build thread with pictures posted for some...