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    Chassis #310 SS/SC Registered Goblin For Sale

    $25000 obo Chassis #310 06 SS/SC Cobalt Donor Standard Length City Frame Titled and Registered in the State of Massachusetts (should make it much easier to register in another state) The engine is in good health and runs well, but it still needs a tune to be optimal. The donor car came with a...
  2. B

    Looking to buy a turbo Goblin!

    My wife and I just sold our first exo car and looking at purchasing a goblin within the next couple of days. We would like the turbo goblin! If there's any out there somebody please let me know :)
  3. BAR-AIR


    I’m Looking at possibly moving on to a different project come spring. If anyone is interested in a finished Goblin. THX, Bruce [email protected] (716) 510-6830