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If you are looking to build the worlds largest wooden plane, spoiler alert, it won't fly. ;)
Hell, I worked on the world's largest plane by wingspan (it's largely carbon fiber), and I have my doubts about how successful the flight testing will be.


Great question. I was pondering the thought... I am not sure I wouldn't enjoy the build process more than the extra cost.


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Very interesting what it might sell for. I am not aware of what any have sold for outside of direct from DF.

If you think about it, this pretty much starts the precedence for what they may sell for privately and therefore asserting cash value.


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So I guess that is the biggest question....
The guys over at DFKITCAR listed I believe it was the superchargered green Goblin for $33,000. I think that is pretty high especially for a prototype frame vehicle. (It has been re configured a bunch of times).
I’m listing a 1st run Goblin frame with everything rebuilt or new including engine,transmission (upgraded to HHR final drive gears), ZZPERFORMANCE supercharger, plus all the additional upgrades to get it to pass NYS DOT Registration. (Including emergency brakes, laminate glass windshield, wipers, all DOT lights).
I have a number that will take it....
You guys are building the same kit (buying the parts, seeing how much time your spending building a really nice car). Help me out what do YOU THINK IT IS WORTH???????



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One thing that could really help it sell is to get it wrapped. It doesn't present as well as is it could even with a simple wrap or paint.

Personally, I would like to see if go for $28K-$32K. But I'm not very good at putting a price on my time.


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Seems a shame to sell so quickly, but I get it. For a lot of us, the fun is in the build. Wrap or paint the body fenders wing it would look finished and list it on Bring A Trailer. IMO you'd get the most interest there. My guess would be in the teens, maybe crack 20k


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For me a good starting point would be the full price of that particular kit plus a discounted amount for the parts plus a little extra for your time. Even though you probably have well over 200 hours wrapped up in it, most buyers don't really care about that.

This is just me personally, but there is no way I would pay > $30k for it. Even $25k is still a lot.

As I've mentioned before, you've done an amazing job on this build and I really hope you can get a fair return on it.


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In comparison paid $25K for a professionally done Factory Five Racing 818S. The F5R 818 community thought the builder let it go for too little. It was his demo car and had a lot of custom features like your Goblin.


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Very curious why you’re selling so quickly. You sure went through a lot of trouble adding a lot of personal touches, and your build is one of my favorites. Are you happy with it? Why not enjoy it for awhile?

I would recommend some videos; perhaps even build a sales website that really describes the car and its capabilities that you could refer potential buyers to. Take detailed pictures and describe the car well. For what you’re probably asking you need to convince the buyer that this car really stands out as a custom performance vehicle that was built well.

As far as price, for me this is a big investment and I’m barely getting started on stage 1. I’ve done the math and will have close to 20k into mine once it is completed. In my experience, labor and custom touches are never compensated when it comes time to sell.
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I just did the math on my build this weekend. I kept every receipt and built a spreadsheet. Each build is going to be different, but this put a real value on my car. Of course there was no cost calculated in for labor, that alone would have put it way out of reach.