1. Mayor West

    Custom STL Files for 3D Printed Goblin Parts

    I wanted to create a one-stop-shop list of STL files we've created so we can share/contribute to the community. This could also be a place for those who do not own a 3D printer to make requests or share ideas for new models. The zip file includes all STLs, easier to manage the files that way...
  2. Mayor West

    3D Printable Brake Booster -> Nylon Vacuum Line Adapter (.STL)

    I thought the brake line -> nylon tubing squeeze trick needed a proper adapter so I made this in F360. It fits perfectly. I used Cura to slice, no scaling necessary Artillery Sidewinder X1 to print PLA+ 100% Infill .8mm walls (2x a standard .4mm nozzle) You'll need two...