Custom STL Files for 3D Printed Goblin Parts

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I wanted to create a one-stop-shop list of STL files we've created so we can share/contribute to the community.
This could also be a place for those who do not own a 3D printer to make requests or share ideas for new models.
If you'd like for me to print one of these for you, send $15 to my Venmo is @Rebabal , otherwise feel free to print it yourself.

The zip file includes all STLs, easier to manage the files that way given the upload max of 20 files... each time a new one's added I'll re-upload the whole bunch.

Edit: Thanks to @Goblin Graber for the donation!

Cup Holder
Designed to allow cables to be routed underneath.
Print multiple copies for multiple cups.
Measured to fit a standard ~77-78mm can and possibly more.

Includes models with and without the cable runs underneath.
52mm Gauge Mount on Steering Wheel Bracket
Second version with Ambient Light Sensor included (hack job)​

Detachable Steering Wheel Holder​

Attaches with band clamps (not included)​
Headlight Base & Ring (2x)

For mounting these:
Headlights 2x @ eBay
Housing 2x @

Link To Forum Post

"CBR Style" Side Mirror Brackets (2x)
Go on the bottom of the DF mirror hole to make bolting them up flush.

Link To Forum Post
Directional Brake/Turn Brackets (x2)

Intended for these brake lights: Amazon

Drilling Required
Dash Button Panel
Remake of @ctuinstra model

I remade this model to better suit my needs, but used Chad's general measurements to do so.

Link To Original Forum Post

Edit: Added my custom "ignition holder" version with 4 buttons. This was made specifically for my kit but you may find it useful.​
@ctuinstra & further edits by @Mayor West
Turn Signal Stalk Holder

For those with manual steering, your turn signal stalk fits snugly into the case and the whole assembly attaches to your frame with circle clamps. Turn signal cancel is not implemented.​
Fuse Box Bracket

Link to Forum Post
License Plate Bracket

Link to Thingiverse Post
Gauge Mount

Link to original post
Cup Holders​
Brake Vacuum Regulator Mount​
Gas Pedal Extension​
ABS Sensor Cap (LNF)​
Map Sensor Bracket​


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Goblin Graber

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Awesome thread. I don’t have a 3D printer, but definitely like the parts you and some other members have come up with. I would tell you to print me a steering wheel holder but I’m going to wait to come up with a list when some more gets posted.


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wspec_racing's Fuse Box Mount, as an alternative to the angle iron and adel clamp
SliderR1's License Plate Bracket (I've used it and am a fan)
STLs for both are available at the links provided.


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And the must-have item. A dual cup holder. This is designed to mount on top of the tunnel and the shifter cables pass under the cup holder. Can be held with double-sided tape or screwed in place.


This photo was an early prototype, the file is slightly different where the cups are larger to hold bigger gulps.



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I updated the top post with the newest models posted & their respective creators, as well as a few more of my models.

@ctuinstra I added a remake I did of your dash button panel. I can include yours too if you've got a newer STL or I'll just pull the one from your original post.


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What 3D CAD are ppl using? I happen to have Autodesk Inventor 2021.
And Also, have a Membership to GoCreate (part of Wichita State University) - a "maker" lab in Wichita Kansas. They have all sorts of manufacturing machines,
Including 8 MakerBot FDM machines.
Machine Tools, WaterJet table, weld shop, wood shops, textile shops, laser engravers, electronics, print shop and so on.

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It could, but I have my ALS incorporated into my button panel so I haven't gone that route. If you would like I can add it in.


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It could, but I have my ALS incorporated into my button panel so I haven't gone that route. If you would like I can add it in.
I'm still thinking about how I will mount mine. I need to pickup stage 3 and mock it up to see where my thoughts are. Ill ping you if I want to go that route.

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Made this one and attached it to the post... sort of a quickie but it gets the point across. I can redo it if you have more placement ideas or whatever. I have not test print this yet but I did use a working sketch of a previously modeled project that worked fine.


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I had to trim my AEM attachment bracket (the little U shaped clamp thing) to work, but it fits fine with my hood. I don't have the DF steering components so you may need longer bolts to attach it. I have not test the ALS part yet so your mileage may vary.

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Tombstone was/is a good movie (If you're referencing Doc)

Let me know how the printing service you're using works out, I model all my stuff with tolerances I found to work well for my printer... IE the 52mm gauge pod is actually 53mm and it fits slightly snug around my gauge. So I have about a .4-.5 mm tolerances modeled in.