1952 MG TD Replica on VW Frame - MOVING MUST SELL


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Sporty, sleek kit car with head turning red paint job in excellent condition
Fiberglass (FiberFab) Replica on Air-cooled VW... with clean Pennsylvania title
18,291 miles

Why is this the best priced, top condition MG TD Kit car available online?
Bought kit, engine and frame, assembled by professional mechanic in 1994
What does that mean…
Body alignment is spot on - Allows for better stability at higher speeds
These long fiberglass bodies can have extensive shifting and settling becoming out of square, especially if not correct from the get
Electric wiring is all professionally and neatly installed
Engine really zips for a 1600. Was built up don’t remember all that was done
Upgraded 2 barrel Weber 32/36 Carburetor w/ new air filter and new generator
Everything is done right
Stellar maintenance also sets this kit car apart from the flock:
Always kept in a heated garage and under a car cover… This makes a big difference in the value Paint, body, engine and wiring don’t like cold and wet you know and there can be hidden problems to the core from rust and corrosion
Those kept is lessor environs can have wiring problems because wiring is fully exposed under dash and elsewhere and spider webbing on body
So beware of other ones with spider webbing in fiberglass/paint which can not be seen from pictures but when you get to the car they can be everywhere
Interior is mint
Great stereo system ( two Pioneer TS-X25 Speakers)
Complete vinyl kit in great condition (except as below)

When one of these is not professionally done right it can be passed from owner to owner, each person trying to figure out how to fix a car that was never built correctly, those kit cars are of little real value and are online

One small blemish pictured on body right rear
Vinyl top has shrunk can't get it snapped closed but they tell me I can stretch it back when in the sunlight and on hot day

First $8500 takes it

717 872-4018

Located in Manheim, PA

Ark :D

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Unfortunately not, sorry. I am already knee-deep in a Goblin build, and one can only have so many toys. Good luck with the sale though, it's a beauty! :D