2.2/2.4 Supercharger Kit, AEM Methanol Injection Kit, Various other parts


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Ok! I'm finally getting around to getting rid of some of my old stuff! The 2.2/2.4L supercharger kit and methanol injection kit I would like to sell all together, but if I have trouble selling I'll consider piecing things out. Would prefer local pickup, and will offer a discount if so. Otherwise PayPal. Thanks!

AEM Methanol Injection Kit - Asking $350 $300

Picked this up from ZZP a year ago for ~$450. It is the MAF based setup. I left most of the wiring at full length, which is super overkill for the Goblin. Easy to setup. Getting rid of it because I switched to E85. I have quite a bit of leftover line for the methanol, not pictured.

ZZP LS4 Throttle Body Adapter - $20

Its not perfect since I tried to die grind it to port match it to my M62.

ZZP M62 Modular Pulley Hub - $20

Didn't end up using.


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Updated price on more expensive items. I'd like these gone by the end of the year. PayPal's yelling at me for taking in more than $600 in a year so I'd rather have it all gone in the same fiscal year if possible.