2022 Gathering with the Locost Group


I am checking to see if there is any interest in another gathering with the locost group in Missouri. I was wanting to hold one in the Eminence MO area, but I don't see how I can get down there to scout routes in time, so I put together a few routes closer to my home around Jefferson City, MO. Most of these roads, I have already driven so I won't need to do a lot of scouting to prep. I just need to confirm restaurants which since I am in the area, I already have good ones in mind that can accommodate a large group. Host Hotel would most likely be Holiday Inn, but there are other options close by in Jefferson City.

I was thinking May 19-22nd. I want to do it before the heat sets in for the summer and summer vacations start up. We just run the risk of rain like we ran into in 2021.

Any feedback would be appreciated, good or bad, from those that attended the 2021 gathering would be helpful to improve on my next one.

possible routes posted to the Locostusa site.



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Last year was a lot of fun. I am good with either location (Eminence or Jefferson City). As far a route planning goes, I just google motorcycle routes, looks like you already have found 4 routes. Ozarks are full of fun drives. Hopefully this year we get 2 dry days, so I will keep my fingers crossed.


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We had a ton of fun last year. We'd love to attend again, however, I have two kids graduating that weekend and won't be able to attend on those dates.


Gathering is less than 2 months away. Please let me know if you will be joining.

A sample of the roads we will be driving and more to come.



Gathering is about a month away. Please let me know if you are coming so I can let the restaurants know on how many people to expect.

Another video of some of the roads. I am still finishing up my winter projects on the Seven so I had to do this drive in my appliance, so not as exciting and no fun vroom vroom noises.


Dale E

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From Chris's post on the Locost forum!!

2022 Midwest Locost and Goblin Gathering

Where: Jefferson City, MO
When: May 19-22 2022.
Who: I will update as I receive confirmations

FieroReinke - Locost
Trialsmangasgas - Locost
Ross - Goblin
TheNuker - Goblin
Tim Moland - Goblin
Dave - E-type Jaguar
Tim - TR8
Tailwind - Locost
7Westfield - Westfield
Dale - Stalker

Holiday Inn, 1590 Jefferson St, Jefferson City, MO 65109, 573-658-9077
Americas Best Value Inn, 1624 Jefferson St, Jefferson City, MO 65109, 573-634-4220
Travel Lodge, 1710 Jefferson St, Jefferson City, MO 65109, 573-415-0241
Best Western Plus Capital Inn,1937 Christy Dr, Jefferson City, MO 65101, 573-635-4175
Holiday Inn has a restaurant, Cheerleader Pub and Grill, for drinks in the evenings so I suggest this as the primary hotel.



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I would love to go, but I'm not in the country that weekend. Hopefully next year works out better.


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Since this is based in my stomping grounds, I should join in on the fun. Kaleb, my son, who usually drives these events will be out of town that weekend, so if I drive, I'll be somewhere at the back of the pack.

I can also offer a garage, tools, and trailer if anyone should need anything.

This being the capital city, everyone should ride through downtown, see the Capital and the old penitentiary. Binder Lake has an awesome very tight and twisty road around it, but it's only a few miles long, but just on the edge of town. Jeff City is a great town, big enough to offer great places to eat and things to do, but not so big that it has traffic problems and other issues like that.

Add me to the list and I will join in as many rides as I can. I'll surely hang out with everyone.


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The huge Sonic Car show and cruise is the 21 just in case anyone in interested. It's 30-45 drive from JC.



Glad you will be able to make it Chad. My plan was to drive through downtown Friday evening with a stop by the Capital for pictures before we go to dinner.

Less than 3 weeks away from the Gathering. Make sure to let me know if you are coming if you haven't yet. I did some more scouting yesterday for the Saturday drive. Lots of good roads. Some tight and twisty, some more laid back hills and curves. I also found my new favorite road around here. Never knew it existed, but will now be my go to for a fun drive. My SD card was full by the time I made it to this road unfortunately. Link below is some video from earlier in the drive though.



I sent an email to all attending with the latest routes and agenda. If you were planning on coming and did not receive the email. Please let me know. It was a large email due to the maps, so check your spam folder.