#243 Turbo for Sale

Hey everyone, #243 is up for sale again. I purchased this from a known member about a year ago on here and the car has been a riot. I autocrossed it for an entire season and it is a force to be reckoned with. However, I realized that what I want in an autocross car doesn't quite line up with what the goblin offers. I'm looking to get $24,900 out of the car. Located in Montana.

I'll steal the previous listing's modifications as it has mostly remained the same. I did replace and upgrade a few parts so I will list those at the top.

Custom steering arms to eliminate bump steer. Similar setup to what Brad with Shadow Lou Racing has. Eliminated tie rod ends and went to heim joints.
Extended DS403 QA1 shocks and 25lb helper springs. Helped eliminate the issue with limited rebound on the goblin.
Wilwood proportioning valve on the front master. COMPLETELY changed the braking performance of the car. It is a 100% necessary mod in my opinion.
New LNF balljoints.
New mirrors as the original ones were cracked.
Fully aligned with Toe, Camber, Caster, and Bumpsteer all dialed in.

Original Build Log
-Registered in Montana (I have it titled in Montana still and it is still 100% street legal)
-Dyno 330WHP/360 TQ
-LNF crate motor w/ new K04 turbo from ATK performance
-F35 crate transmission with Quaife LSD from DF Kit cars
- Only 3100 miles on a brand new motor/tranny (Maybe only 500 more miles added)
-Frame and side panels powder coated black
-Hood painted black
-Fidanza lightweight flywheel
-Clutchmasters FX300 stage 3 clutch
-Brand new CV axles
-Jegs Stars wheels 15 x 10
-Jegs Spike wheels 15 x 10
-Nankang AR-1 275/35/15 tires
-Brand new wheel bearings/hubs
-Solid bushings for lower control arms on the rear
-Solid transmission mounts
-Base cobalt sway bar with upgraded adjustable end links
-Wilwood brake master cylinder (non-power brakes)
-G-loc race pads (a bit squeaky with race pads but I have the stock street pads still)
-New front calipers and rotors w/ stainless steel lines
-Solstice rear brakes with parking brake
-Momo 300mm steering wheel
-Non-power steering (I still have the electric power steering motor if wanted)
-Short windscreen (on now) and regular windscreen
-Kirkeys 58 series seats
-Nine Lives Racing 69" rear wing
-Nine Lives Racing 48" front wing (Endplates broke and I haven't replaced them)
-Nine Lives Racing rear diffuser
-Upgraded DF Kit Car shifter
-Air/fuel gauge installed
-CX Racing intercooler w/ air scoop
-Upgraded catch can with drain directly to oil pan
-Comes with towing flat bar (Tows incredibly well)

I did fix the running light issue that the original owner had but I have not come up with a more permanent solution for the turn signal.

The car runs and drives absolutely flawlessly and I have to give credit for Dastrups for doing such a wonderful job putting the kit together. I really wish I had unlimited funds and could keep the car but that's not the case.

Feel free to message me with any sort of questions you have and I can answer them.



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For a second, I was surprised that Montana has a track that's identical to thunderhill, buttonwillow, and laguna seca! haha. This Goblin is awesome; I remember seeing this up for sale when I first started shopping and drooled over it. Some lucky buyer is going to have an absolutely blast with this thing. Best of luck with the sale!


This looks almost exactly like the one that was on one of 1320's TX2K vids... It was my inspiration to look into building one :D