5x112 bolt pattern?


I have chassis #9, after what feels like eternity I've finally found some time to finish this project. I went out to measure my bolt patter and discovered it is 5x112. I dont see that anyone else has this pattern. I'm alittle confused.



Goblin Guru
It looks like it’s dragging along the threads down when you put it on. If that’s the case, it’s 5x110mm

Desert Sasqwatch

Goblin Guru
GM didn't use a 5x112 bolt circle on any of its small cars during the years the Cobalt was built. Unless someone made an aftermarket set of hubs, those are 5x110 bolt pattern hubs. If you will be using them be certain to match the wheel bolt pattern as a 5x112 may look like it will fit, but the wheel studs will not be centered in the bolt holes and the lug nuts will not be seated correctly. At best, torquing will bend the studs, at worst the stress will break studs.