75% Complete?


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I was going trough and i saw that it had a option about 75% complete or all the parts together and you have to build it or you just have to get the pannels and seats?


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All the stage three parts like lights, body panels, etc are extra. For the 75% roller, you'd need things like seats, wheels, and a few other small bits.


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With the 75% kit you will get a Goblin that is ready for you to install your own tires/wheels and seats to start driving. If you'd like to have body panels and lights, you'll have to order them and they will be shipped with your 75% kit. You'll install the body panels and lights.


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I don't think they offer partial builds any more. It's too much of a logistical nightmare to ship parts like engines so they stopped doing it. I think it's also taken down as an option from the website.


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Those guys are so busy just filling orders and trying to keep up, I don't know how they would have time to even build a car for someone.


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Just curious what is the price on a 75% kit? Do you have a choice on the donor? (Mileage,condition, parts that should be replaced ?)


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I'm almost certain that DF doesn't offer partially built kits anymore. They found it wasn't very cost effective and was a logistical nightmare with the shippers. The partial builds used to be on their website but have since been taken down.