Aftermarket part carryover


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Hey guys,
I'm not yet a Goblin owner, but I've been lurking on this forum for a while, and every day I come a little closer to pulling the trigger and starting my build.

My question is: How many aftermarket parts will carry over to the Goblin?

I have a moderately modified LSJ powered Cobalt (full bolt ons, smaller pulley, methanol, coilover suspension etc.) and the ability to transfer money I've already spent definitely sweetens the deal.


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All the engine mods will, the front coil overs will work on the rear, you get the front coil overs in the kit



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Even the seats, shifter, steering wheel, wheels and tires if you so wish.

Many of us have the same upgrades you spoke of.


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Awesome. I assume the front coilovers are a different size, so the Cobalt rears wont work. Is that the case?


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TBH I'm not sure. This car was my toy car about 8 years ago, and I've slept since I installed the coilovers. They're Pedders eXtreme Xa with camber plates.