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I want to try and get a feel for what the "field make-up" would be like. It's pretty easy to presume that most of the early adopters here are going to be all about the power and go for the SS...that isn't to say that there is a larger "2nd wave" of builders that will have a different view and want to use a standard donor.

I don't know if this would affect how kits are prepped in the future, but it seems like a good metric to have.

Cheers and happy building everyone! (actually it's happy stripping for me this weekend) 8)


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I can give you a rundown:

We are building 3 of the first 10 in-house. One is the remake of our first auto NA prototype (the first prototype frame is obsolete now so we are transferring the donor hardware and other important pieces to one of the new frames. This will be our demo car). One is an auto NA for a local customer. It will probably be supercharged in the future. The last one is the SS turbo.

Jay is building his with an SS supercharged donor.

Two of the guys that haven't posted build logs on here yet have auto NA donors.

Two more are still looking for donors but they both want to do SS turbo builds (one of these is Ben Jammin here on the forum).

As for the kits after of this batch, we've got Dan with an auto NA, Tom with an SS/TC and another guy that is going to use an SS/SC but will do a TC swap (he's already done the swap before on a Saturn Ion)

Beyond this, there are a couple others that have submitted orders but haven't decided on a donor.

Summing up the Goblins that are lined up:
5 x auto NA
1 x SS/SC
1 x SS/SC with TC swap
3 x SS/TC
2 x searching for SS/TC donors
2 x to be decided...


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I have a 2009 SS/TC. Rallyracer is my BFF with a 2007 SS/SC. I'm 99% in on this, once people start driving and post up thoughts and feels for them. I've been sourcing a donor loosely. I LOVE the SC whine, so I'm looking for a SC, then it will go GMPP Stage 3 and I'll leave it there, may do a tvs but I'd like to keep it more "stock" as I don't want to always have to mess with it.

I track, autox and hill climb my SS now, and this car (goblin) for the price is @#$@#$ awesome. I am trying to get a few more people on board from MN so we could do a pick up of frames in the trailer ;) once production is going for new units :)

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My plan is to buy an unwrecked SS/TC this fall and drive it for a month or two to work any bugs out, then build a track frame Goblin over the winter with the intention of having a plated trackday/ autox car. I'm also planning on welding a receiver to the back of the subframe so I can tow a small custom trailer with slicks to and from the track.

I intend to build the car as designed and drive it for next summer with the stock HP, suspension and brakes, and over the course of the following winter, will make changes based on my observations and will increase the power to around 325 WHP. I don't intend to reinvent the wheel, but there are some things I've seen in the pictures that make me go, "hmm... woulda done that differently..." I have not and will not comment on these observations until I can see it in person and drive it myself. Clearly, Adam and- I apologize that I forget his name- his father know what they're doing, and I make no claims of knowing more than them, but half the fun of building a kit car is experimenting with minor deviations to improve the breed. Considering how new this design is and how relatively untested it is, I'm certain there's minor adjustments here and there to be made. If I didn't have faith in the designers and product, I wouldn't be here. :)


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SS master race here. I plan on tuning mine on E85 to make around 350WHP and 450WTQ like this one: . Depending on how it handles the power I am also looking at doing a turbo swap down the road for ~450WHP.


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Downforce will be a must I think for an SS kit...especially at the front.

So we need a decent, reliable front wing that has good mounting points and provides lots of downforce.


I hope to go with an extended track frame (longer wheelbase I would think would help handling and control) and T/C.