Any Interest In A meet Up In East Central Area


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Would anyone have a interest in a meet up in this area?

All the chat about a second Midwest meet had me thinking.

Baltimorehokie and I had discussed it before but he sold his car. There are a lot more cars in this area that are done or should be done by spring/ summer. I know there are a lot of good roads around Pa, Md, Wv, Va, Oh, and Ky. I just wanted to throw this out there. I suck at planning stuff. But would be willing to help as much as I can, with everything going on in my life right now my time will most likely be very limited this winter.


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My family still lives in Northern VA and I go back frequently. I would be in if I can get my kit registered before the meet up.

Ark :D

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I'd be interested. However, my car won't be done in time for any 2020 event, methinks.


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What made me think of this was last summer we went To Fayetteville WV. It was my first visit. Turned out to be a foodie town .The New River Gorge is there. I drove part of the route below in the girlfriends Kia Rio ( I know not sporty at all) but my right arm was sore from her hitting it telling me to stop it. :D I was thinking at the time what fun this road would be in the Goblin. Summersville lake is just 20 min away. Just beautiful scenery. There are some hiking trails with great views at the end. This was just one of my thoughts