Back right subframe bolt stuck.


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We’ve been working on this bolt for a few days now. Our impact driver with 1100ftlbs wouldn’t budge it. We’ve tried cheater bars, torching it, penetrating oil. All to no avail, anyone have any ideas to get it loose.

Ark :D

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Cut through the passenger floor with an angle grinder. Wear proper eye and ear protection, it is messy and loud. Secure the broken cage nut somehow before trying again, or grind it off.

Common problem.


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Are you referring to the big front subframe bolt?

Some builders have cut a hole thru the Cobalt floor sheet metal to gain better access to it.
Heat will win, but if you get the metal too hot, you loose its hardness.
You can combine the heat (expanding the outside of the threads) with cold (ice the inside bolt). Or even dry ice if you can get some.
Use a good penetrating oil: Kano Kroil, PB B'laster, Knock'er Loose Plus, etc.


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Yes, the 21mm bolt on the passenger side of the vehicle. We are going to cut a hole in the passenger side and see if we can get access to it. Thank you for the advice!