Background Project - VeeDub ReDub Platform


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I didn't even think of the VW based kit car market. If only there was something like this in the 80s when there were tons of VW based kits on the market.


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@95Blitz was inquiring about Goblin 2.0, not the VeeDub Redub platform. At least, that's my understanding of his post. Not much info out there about Goblin 2.0 except I think it's based on the same donor as this Veedub Redub is.
You nailed it. The two subjects are intertwined.


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It's funny, in the last few days a bunch of old beetles have popped on for sale around me. Even a 71 VW Karmann Ghia Wagon.

Dale E

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Yes - VW squareback and a VW 411 fastback and squareback. Two different body styles on the Karman Ghia.

G Atsma

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Karmann might have done some of the design work, but these are never regarded as Karmann Ghias, just VW Squarebacks or Fastbacks, or correctly as Type 3's. I was into the VW scene from the late 60's to the 70's, and know all this as fact