Bed Liner Paint


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It seems all the frames have been painted some unbelievably beautiful colors. The flake and illusion types are really gorgeous.

In recent years, there have been some custom flat paint jobs on vehicles. At first, I thought it was ugly. Now, it has grown on me a little. And then, I have seen some trucks and Jeeps with colored "bed liner" over the entire vehicle. Pretty cool looking. And it has to be durable.

So, has anyone used truck bed liner for their tube frame bodies? Or, any of the body panels? Would really make sense for the lower panels to deal with rock chips.

I know a lot of you are like me and just relish the shine, gleam, and sparkle. But there IS something "different" about bed liner. Maybe a little cheaper?

Thoughts, comments, and curses :) please.


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the bottom of my aluminum floor is done. I tried both car undercoating and bed liner rattle cans. Not sure I can tell them apart, but nobody looks under the car anyways. It didn't stick well to the aluminum for the first few days, but I think it is stuck on well now. Just took a long time to fully cure.

The trucks I have seen with bed liner on the main body, well, it makes the truck look rough & tough. Which is great if it is all dented up from extreme off roading. For a nice, new truck to have that coating, well, it is kind of posing as a tough truck, but it isn't...

It would probably look good on a Goblin AT. Just my 2 cents.


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Here is a reply I got from a member I thought worth sharing on this topic:

While the idea of bed liner sounds and actually looks pretty good. The spray can version doesn’t hold up to gas and oil very well. Actually used it on the floors and fuel tank on my car. Initially had the fuel pump o-ring leak and made a mess of it.


I used 'Rustoleum Truck Bed Coating Spray' on both sides of my floor. I've had good luck with that stuff on car luggage racks, motorcycle fenders, and a few other things that are outside all the time. It's not as thick or rough as typical truck bed liner, more like a rough powder-coat. They have a brush-on version but it's very hard to get an even application.


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U-Pol Raptor liner is supposed to be some good stuff. I have it for my bed liner if I ever find time to do it. Here is a link to a build that used it on the floor and firewall Build with Raptor line They posted the build gave a few replies and were gone. The last visit was Jan, 2019. So I doubt asking them questions will help


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I plan on using a mix of Raptor Liner with POR 15 urethane gloss black on some pieces for a mixed black on the frame. Haven't gotten there yet but i'll update my build thread when I do. Raptor Liner appears to be the best option based on my research, don't use the por15 bed liner it's garbage.

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This was applied to my StalkerV6 15 years ago. Road use (20,000miles), autocross and a few track days. I do not know the brand name, since I did not build the car and find no item in the builders notebook.IMG_3060.jpgIMG_3061.jpgIMG_3062.jpg


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Sure looks good. That looks pretty thick. May have been "professionally" done versus out of a spray can? The stuff I have used was would not build up that thick.