Body Panels @ Engine Area

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Your Goblin is still one of my favorites. I've always been a Mustang guy, so the Torq Thrusts are near and dear to me. I'm considering using the same wheels along with an "Eleanor" color theme, the same theme I used when I repainted my old 1990 GT back in the day.


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Good Evening,
I had an overnight in Washington DC last week. Local Motors has a facility at National Harbour these were their 3D printed electric cars. (Approximately 40 hours to print the 40 pieces to make up the structure and exterior of the vehicle.) I have a call into them (not that they would even do a body or would even be financially feasible). But I think the rear engined Goblin could work similarly to the orientation of their electric Strati.



See what you think...



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I wrapped the panels, and mounted them with some foam tape like I did the other panels so they won’t rattle. Gotta say I really like it. It helps make it look a little more polished and finished off.
Looks good. I may do that since it is a requirement in PA to have the engine sides covered. I think I will split them behind the rear coil overs. I am planning on the rear triangle part to be ducted for my heat exchanger