Brake Line Too Long


Goblin Guru
Did anyone else have issues with the DF brake line being way too long to fit coming off the master cylinder? It is about 2 inches too long.
brake line.JPG


Goblin Guru
Ours was a tight fit but it fit just fine. I just looked and we bent ours up and then down to the tee.


Staff member
We usually put a another bend in that line to help clear the master cylinder. It is easy to do by hand.

We use to have it make a tight bend going into the brass tee but it made it difficult to start the tube nut. So now we leave it longer to give it more flex.
The bake line material we purchase is made to be easily formed by hand for custom car builders. It doesn't easily kink while bending and can be twisted around to line up with the fitting.
I don't mind sending you another one so let me know if you have any problems bending it.