Brake reservoir relocation kit leaking…..

I have a brand new reservoir from rock auto and I am getting a leak in the relo block. I tried different o rings and still leak, Am I missing something? It seems tight enough.

It does not seem to be coming from the brass fittings. I did use teflon tape on those.
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Do those o rings feel tight going in? It’s been a while so I can’t completely remember how it went together.

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DOT 3 and DOT 4 are essential the same, only difference is the reported boiling point. Don't mix these with DOT 5 as it is silicone based and not compatible. Don't believe using DOT 4 is the issue.


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Could it be that Im using Dot 4?
DOT3 and DOT4 fluids are compatible. DOT5 silicone brake fluid is where you'll run into compatibility issues. Are the o-rings getting damaged during the installation of the reservoir into the remote mounting block?


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Can you get me several images of the orings installed in the reservoir adaptor block without the reservoir installed?