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I don't know which bracket is which by part number, but the 11" rotors go in front. If the caliper bracket bolts up to the front upright with the rotor attached to the hub and the caliper attached to the bracket, then it goes in front. The calipers/brackets for 10" rotors will not be able to bolt on to the upright with the rotor in place.

Maybe not the help you were looking for, but I threw out the boxes for my calipers so testing what fits is all I've got.


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The 18-B5051 and 18-B5050 have the integrated emergency brake. The 18-B4881A and 18-B4880A must be the front brakes. My donor is a 2006 SS SC with the 5x110 bolt pattern.


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Thanks for the replies. I found out tonight when I went to put the fronts on. I need to send the rears back for the e brake ones...


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Make sure you mount them with the bleeder screws at the top. Not trying to insult you but I have seen them mounted upside down and makes for a real ***** to get the air out of the system.