Brown wire junction

On the Wiring Harness Guide Part 5, at the 2:15 mark it's talking about the "Brown Junction near the BCM". I remember cutting this junction out by mistake, my bad, so I tied them (I only had three) back together but they are more in the center between the BCM and the fuse box. I know I didn't have rear side marker lights on my base model and I know the brown wire is the "marker/running light" power. What do I need in what direction? Two towards the BCM? Two or three towards the fuse box (license light)? Both? I think these are for the side mirrors and the taillights so I want to put them in the correct place. Thanks.


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The two browns you have will get hooked to each other. In that same junction add a wire going forward that will split near the cluster and get attached to the red wires on your two mirrors.
Also add a wire in that junction that will go to the back of your goblin. This wire will split off and go to each of your brake lights and also to your licence plate light.
Just as I thought. I had a clue about what these wires did and where they needed to go. Thanks for the quick confirmation! You guys are the best!