Build Guide Part 18 - Main Harness & Dash Accessories


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Build Guide Part 18 - Main Harness & Dash Accessories
In Part 18 we install the main harness, gauges, ignition switch, battery ground and positive cable.

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@10:20, we solder on a copper lug end to the positive wire. Is that lug suppose to be part in the kit? I was able to save the original Cobalt lug, so I won't have to make a trip to the store.


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I'm pretty sure it's included. But then again I thought the front coilover wrenches were included too. I'm 99.9% sure you're supposed to get a lug in the kit.


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I'm confused at the grounds in the middle @ 8:30. The only grounds I have are the two lugs at each end of the car and the four extended wires @
. Are the four extension wires soldered to a lug and connected to the middle ground point?

edit: after looking at this image, I'm going to assume I was right about those extensions. I wish video #11 had added soldering the lug.

I also did not receive a lug to cut the positive wire in my kit - it is not listed under the itemized build sheet
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