Build Guide Part 2 - Stripping the exterior


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Build Guide Part 2 - Stripping the Exterior
In Part 2 we get the donor up on jack stands and remove exterior pieces like the fenders and doors.



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Question about the part 2 disassembly video...

What is the reason behind removing the engine/transmission/suspension cradle in pieces instead of a single assembly?

My experience (too many years with > 20 Pontiac Fieros) is the cradle is lowered out of the car (or the car is raised off the cradle... same thing, different viewpoint) with the engine/transmission/suspension attached.

My best time was with the assembly in the car, all wiring/hoses/shift cables/etc. attached and only the antifreeze fluid NOT in the car, I could have that assembly next to the body of the car in ~ 30 minutes. Now I did have a bunch of practice since I was trying to figure out the wiring problems on a Quad 4 install (which turned out to be clogged injectors!!!) The assembly was put in and removed 16 times (8 in and 8 out) before I discovered the bad injectors. I had rewired the engine to use another year ECM during those attempts. :eek:

What I am wondering is didn't the factory install the engine/transmission/suspension assembly as one piece? And if so, why can it not be removed the same way?


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You have to remove the subframe from the engine to clean and paint it so this is a good time to do it. This way you only have to pick up the engine once to lower it out of the car. When you lower the engine down, you can drop it on a furniture dolly and it never has to be raised again. It can even remain on the dolly when you drop the Goblin frame on to it.

If you leave the subframe attached at this point, you'll have to raise the engine again later to disconnect the subframe. This involves putting yourself under the subframe+engine while it dangles on an engine hoist instead of it being bolted to the car.


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I wondered that same thing when I did this video. If you are in a hurry or have no intention of repainting the subframe, you could lower it with the engine, tranny, lower suspension, driveshafts, brake calipers, etc all together, then lower them on to a furniture dolly.
Later, put the frame over top of them.
This kind of would be a alternate direction for the next few videos.