Chasing Threads.


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Little tech tip. It's a good idea to "Chase" all the threads on your Goblin before you build. The front A Arms are a real good example. The "spuds" that are threaded are machined before the are welded and the welding can cause some distortion in the threads when the arm is fabricated. There may also be rust that has built up inside along with sand and some powder coating. It will make it a lot easier when you go to adjust your suspension. The Taps needed for these are larger and not in most tap and die set. You will need a 5/8-18 NF and a 3/4-16 NF They are not expensive I bought them at my NAPA Store It only took them a day to get them and they were around $10-12 dollars each Look at the pictures and all the debris that came out of mine. I chase every thread. Cuts down on cross threading and makes life much easier.


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Holes tapped into the DF supplied parts will almost all be SAE thread - exceptions are only a few are metric threads that mate up with the donor supplied parts. Nearly all parts from the Cobalt donor are metric thread. Having both SAE and metric taps on hand will make this easier.

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The one metric I found were the ones on the frame to mount the Cobalt subframe. I got a 14mm x 2.0 tap from NAPA. All of the front suspension was SAE. I may have used other metric taps but I had a set on hand so I don't remember. The 14mm was bigger than my set.

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Does any one remember the thread size for the seat belt mounts on the shifter tunnel?
Do those use the donor seat belt bolts or hardware from DF?