Cleaning Windshield


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What do you guys recommend for cleaning windshield, I just read don’t use Windex 409?

Are you using just a gentle dish soap a product just for polycarbonate?

And it seems from a lot of the pictures I see, half have the windshield in front of the bracket and half have it behind the bracket?

I put mine behind the bracket.

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Dish soap and plenty of water for me. If the bug buildup is bad wet it and soap it till things soften and then gently clean with microfiber. Same procedure I used on motorcycle helmet shields and always was able to use them longer than most.


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Many of the aviation products will work as most light aircraft windshields are polycarbonate. I’m not a fan of Plexus for cleaning but it does leave a sort of wax protection. Currently, I clean the 802 with Prist cleaner. You can but Sprayway at Walmart and it is ammonia free and should be fine also. Many car window tinters use it because it’s safe to use on the film.